Henry Baldwin Lecture

Lecture and Q&A discussion

St George’s presents podcasting theologian and public commentator Michael Jensen delivering the second Henry Baldwin Lecture. Draw near to the cross for thoughts on relationships, responsibility and reconciliation.

Why is saying sorry so difficult? To say sorry is one of the first things we are taught to do as children, and yet adults find attempting to apologise ties us in knots. From fallen politicians to errant YouTubers, we see failed apologies that make things worse. This is not just a matter for personal ethics – it has political ramifications as well. How can an institution or a nation successfully apologise for its historic crimes? Theologian and public commentator Michael Jensen will probe the problems but also present the possibilities of saying sorry.

Enjoy music by cellist Alex Bekes and a cup of mulled wine.

Michael Jensen is rector of St Mark’s Anglican Church, Darling Point in Sydney. His doctorate through Oxford University was published as Martyrdom and Identity – the Self on Trial. He has taught theology and church history at Moore College and the Sydney College of Divinity. He has appeared on ABC’s The Drum and his opinion pieces have appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald and ABC Online, among others. His other publications include You: An Introduction and My God, My God – Is it possible to believe anymore? He co-hosts the podcast With All Due Respect.

The Henry Baldwin Lecture

Henry Baldwin (1919-2007) was a lifelong parishioner of St George’s and a generous benefactor to the church. St George’s is launching this annual lecture in honour of his contribution. We’re convinced Christian theology can help us navigate life in our time. The lecture aims to provide a thoughtful contribution to our public discourse. Join the conversation.

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