Our Vision

In January 2023 we launched our Vision 2023-26 which sets out how we, as a church, will live out our mission:

To see people Drawn to the Light of Christ
Transformed by the Light of Christ
and Sent out to Shine the Light of Christ

“We want our church family to be known for our generous welcome and deep love for others, just like God loves and welcomes us in Christ. We long to be a place where people find life and hope and peace as they encounter Christ, and where lives are transformed by the light of his truth, through the power of the Holy Spirit. As God does this, he sends us out to shine the light of Christ. We want to bless our neighbours and our city through our generous service and our gracious witness as public disciples of Christ to the glory of God.”

This vision is beyond what we can do. But God can do more than we ask or imagine which means we will be people of prayer.