Useful links

The Bible Project
Excellent short-form videos making the biblical story accessible to everyone, everywhere.
Who is Jesus? Is Christianity reasonable? Questions and answers for people exploring the claims of Christianity.

Anglican Diocese of Tasmania

Anglicare Tasmania
Anglicare is part of the broader mission of the Anglican Church. We are called by Christ’s example to respond to human need by providing loving service and seeking to transform unjust structures in society.

Church Missionary Society Tasmania
Partnering in mission to serve the global church, and those who do not yet know Christ.

Battery Point Community Association
Representing the residents, owners and businesses in Battery Point.

The Bible, online, in hundreds of languages.
Who is Jesus? Who did he claim to be? Explore multimedia, Q & A and more on Jesus and Christianity.
Australian Christian youth site.

Global Recordings Network
The story of Jesus in over 6000 languages.