Living in a world in chaos, it's easy to grow tired, weary and even give up. But, even in the chaos, Christ is in control as he rules over the…

Divine Reversal

2021 has been a year of listening to women's voices on justice. The Magnificat is Mary's song of justice and hope.
What we hope for shapes how we experience the present. The Gospel calls us to hope in God and his promise of glory and so in the power of the…
What is your experience of life in your body like? Bodily life can be frustrating, even agonising. Jesus gives us bodily hope for the future and a path for the present in our bodies.
In many ways Coronavirus has put our hopes under a microscope: both our personal hopes and our hopes for the world around us. This week we're looking at the petition, Your Kingdom Come. How might this prayer shape our hopes and what we do in the present?
How do we respond to coronavirus? God's word tells us not to be afraid because he is with us. Nothing can separate us from his love in Christ. Free from fear we can serve our neighbours in love.