David's care of Mephibosheth embodies God's character of loving-kindness. He gives a model for care and inclusion of those with disabilities. We catch a glimpse of what the Kingdom of God looks like.
David becomes king, makes Jerusalem his capital and brings the ark of the covenant to Jerusalem, but all is not well as he has presumed to treat God how he likes, rather than follow God's word, and at home he faces domestic conflict.
Karl Barth writes, "in its root and origin sin is the arrogance in which a man wants to be his own and his neighbour’s judge." On the cross, the only one who truly is the Judge was judged in our place so that we might receive his forgiveness.

Naboth’s Vineyard

The ancient story of Jezebel arranging Naboth's murder in order to steal his vineyard has powerful insights for Christians as we grapple with the legacy of colonization in Australia.